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Головна » 2017 » Березень » 1 » . . . . Районний семінар методоб'єднання вчителів іноземної мови . . .
. . . . Районний семінар методоб'єднання вчителів іноземної мови . . .


             Першого березня 2017 року  в нашій школі був проведений районний

            семінар вчителів англійської мови. Відкритий урок у 5-му класі на тему:

          "Great Britain: Weather. National Parks" провела вчителька англійської мови

           Пісня Тетяна Іванівна.




Great Britain: Weather. National Parks.

Form 5

Aims: to practice vocabulary on the topics “Great Britain” and “Weather”;

to improve listening skills;

to practice free speaking (a role play) for revision of previously taught language;

to develop reading skills;

to develop writing skills;

to revise grammar: Past Simple Tense.

to promote interest in the culture;

to encourage to run healthy way of life.

Equipment: a laptop, a multimedia unit, a presentation “Great Britain: Weather. National Parks”, pictures, maps of the UK, HOs, text “ badges, “souvenirs”, pictures for marks, exercise-books, textbooks.




T: Good morning, children!

Pls: Good morning, teacher! Good morning, guests!

T: Suppose you are fine because it’s time to begin our lesson.

2. Presenting the theme and the tasks of the lesson S 1

T: Today we are going to speak about the country which language you study. Will you help me to name this country?

P: It’s Great Britain (the UK).

  1. speaks about the tasks of the lesson.

3. Warm-up You have cards HO 1. Write 5 sentences using the table. S 2

HO 1

Write down sentences.

The UK




Northern Ireland



is situated

in Europe.

on the British Isles.

in Great Britain.

in the north.

in the west.



1.Reporting about the UK S 3

T: Look at the map of the UK and tell us about this country.

1) Let’s first revise some proper names and practice their pronunciation. Pay attention to the use of the article ‘the’ with them.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The British Isles

Great Britain




Northern Ireland





the National Park Snowdonia

the Lake District

Mount Snowdon

2) T: Take cards HO 2 and complete the sentences as quickly as you can.

HO 2 Complete the sentences as quickly as you can.

1. The official name of the country is … .

2. The UK consists of … parts.

3. The parts of the UK are … .

4. The capital of Great Britain is … .

5. The capital of Scotland is … .

6. The capital of Wales is … .

7. The capital of Northern Ireland is … .

8. The official language of the country is … .

3) T: Now open your books on page 124, exercise 5. Please, use your cards, the exercise and tell about the UK.

P1 tells about the UK.

2. Speaking

1) T: Great Britain is a wonderful country. It differs in every its part. There are many nice places for people to have a rest. And, of course, the UK is famous for its changeable weather. Let’s speak about this.

  1. the vocabulary on the topic “Weather” (Pictures). S 4

P2 tells about the weather in England.

In winter the weather in England is cold and wet. It rains a lot and it sometimes snow. It is often cloudy.

In summer the sun shines in the blue sky. It’s hot and dry.

In autumn the weather is often cloudy, rainy and wet. It’s often foggy.

2) T: People in Great Britain like nature very much. How do you think, where can they go if they want to have some active rest?

Pls: To the national parks.

T: Yes. And who can say what favourite national park is in England? S 5

  1. The Lake District.

T: Look at the slide. Speaking about the national parks you should mention such points:

- Location

- What is there?

  • Activities.
  1. your books on page 125 and 127. Repeat after me and translate the phrases. (Names of children’s activity) S 6, 7
  2. report about the Lake District one by one.

3. Reading S 8

1) Pre-reading activity.

T: Answer my questions.

Where is Scotland situated?

What is the capital of Scotland?

Do you know much about the weather in Scotland?

2) Reading the text “About Weather in Scotland”.

HO 3

About Scotland’s Weather

You can hear many jokes about Scotland’s weather – but most of them are not true. In fact it is moderate (помірний) and changeable. It is rather usually for Scotland to have all four seasons in one day!

July and August are the hottest month in this part. The average temperature is 19 C above zero. In summer in the north of Scotland there are about four hours more daylight than in London. There is no complete darkness in the far north of the country. You can do a lot of things then.

The average number of days with snow falls in Scotland is 15-20 days. But the mountains have about 100 days of falling snow. The average temperature in winter is 5 C below zero. Usually the ski season runs from November to April. People can go skiing and snowboarding there.

The west is the wettest part of Scotland. It often rains here. But without rain there would be no puddles to splash (хлюпатися) in and no beautiful rainbows! In Scotland there are many galleries, museums and other places to go in any weather.

3) After-reading activity.

T: Answer my questions, please.

What kind of weather is in Scotland?

Which months are the hottest?

What is the average temperature in summer?

What can you say about summer in the north of Scotland?

How many days does it snow in Scotland?

Is the average winter temperature 5 degrees below zero?

When does the ski season last?

Where is the wettest part of the country?

What is fun about rain?

4. Physical exercises

- It is the sunny weather. (Show a circle and the rays with hands. Etc.)

5. Speaking.

1) T: It’s time to speak about grammar: Past Simple Tense.

Rules of using and formation of Past Simple.

To meet – met, to be – was, to enjoy, to eat, to visit, to take, to buy, to go, to have, to climb, to ride, to watch.

S 9

2) T: We have spoken about the weather in Scotland. But we have a very special guest from Scotland – Joe McDauel. He could tell us about Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park.

  1. pupil tells about his visit to Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park. S 10

This park is situated around the biggest lake Lomond. It is very beautiful. There are lakes and mountains there.

I went to the park last Sunday. The weather was sunny and a little windy. I met my friend in the park. We enjoyed wild animals, went boating and climbed the mountains. We took many photos.

I liked the Trossachs National Park because I went camping and watched deer there.

T: Do you have any questions?

Pls ask some questions in Past Simple.

“Joe” gives little souvenirs..

S 11

3) T: We have some more guests: a girl from Egypt Jasmin. She has come to study in Great Britain and lives in the Welsh family. She is going to learn more about the weather in Wales. Welcome, Mister Thomas, Misiss Joan and Jasmin.

J: What is the weather like in Wales in winter?

Mrs: The weather is often cloudy and rainy. The days are short.

Mr: It sometimes snows.

J: And what can I do in such weather?

Mrs: You can watch TV and play computer games.

Mr: And you can splash in the puddles.

J: What is the weather like in summer?

Mrs: It is hot and dry. You can swim and sunbathe.

Mr: You can go to the National Park of Snowdonia.

J: Thank you.

  1. Not at all. .

S 12

T: Who can tell us about Snowdonia?

P tells about the National Park of Snowdonia.

6. Listening.


  1. I am going to read you about parks in London. S 13

I. Draw what you listen and imagine.

HO 4

II. Complete the sentences.

1. There are ________ parks in England.

2. In _____________ they turn green.

3. There are a lot of _________ there.

4. The _______ is the symbol of England.

5. The daffodil is the symbol of ________ .


1. Summary

  1. We have spoken about the UK, its weather and the national parks. S 14

-Can you say what national park is it?

  1. answer. S 15

- Is it Snowdonia? Where is it?

- And what park is this? S 16,17

2. Marks 3. Homework.

To write ex.7 p. 128. Revise Future Simple Tense.


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